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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"

- Carl Rogers

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Individual Therapy

If you feel that you are dealing with different difficulties on your own and you have no one to talk to, it may be time to contact a qualified psychotherapist.

Change begins with the fact that you can talk and bring out what you think and feel. To do that, you need someone who knows how to listen to you, with total discretion, without judgment, and without cynicism. Someone you can trust.

This is true if you are faced with loneliness in a relationship, addiction, or other difficulties that many men face.

Indeed, going to therapy is basically to confirm to myself that "I have a problem". And it is not pleasant for anyone. But is unpleasantness going to stop you from reaching your goals? It would be a pity to miss an opportunity to live a meaningful, rich and satisfying life, with far fewer negative thoughts and feelings that consume from within.

Once you can trust and share, new opportunities open up to choose new patterns of thought and behavior that will lead you to the desired change.

Get in touch to book an appointment.


Couples Therapy

Are you feeling like there is a communication problem between you and your wife? She doesn't "get" you?

You may even find yourself repeating the same sentences and patterns of behavior each time anew, and that you are both stuck in a vicious cycle, a demonic dance!

You get hurt, she gets hurt, and on it goes - around and around, while the negative feelings only escalate and get worse over time.

This situation is usually very tiring emotionally and may lead to a growing disconnect between both partners, which may also result in divorce.

As a former divorce lawyer, I saw many cases of such detachment, which could certainly have been prevented beforehand, without paying such a heavy price, emotionally and financially and without the children being harmed.

There is another way. Are you willing to invest in healing your relationship a fraction of the investment required for dismantling it?


If so, you will discover that falling in love again is a much closer possibility than what you or she dare dream.

Contact me and make an appointment today.

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Offices in Jerusalem & Mevo Horon (Modiin area)


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